Green Folly Garden – Castlemaine


“A nursery to be inspired. A gardeners haven.”

118–120 Duke Street (Wesley Hill) Castlemaine

THE GREEN FOLLY, on the grounds of the former Wesley Hill Methodist Church, is a virtual heaven for all garden lovers, with just over one acre of plants, paths, garden furniture, sculpture and much more.

This nursery garden is just one year old and shows just what can be done with both expertise, passion and quality plantings.

The Green Folly has mature trees, an extraordinary range of interesting and unusual plants: indoor plants, flowers, hedges, roses and all kinds of deciduous trees, set in a landscaped garden that will be an inspiration.

THE GREEN FOLLY story is both remarkable and inspirational for all gardeners.

The photograph, shown above, was taken in December 2017 just before Socianna Murray purchased the disused former Wesley Hill Methodist Church and its adjoining Hall.

Sited on a sloping one-acre block which fronts the Pyrenees Highway at Wesley Hill, halfway between Chewton and Castlemaine, both Church and Hall were, although solid and in reasonably good condition, in need of a good clean out and refurbishment.

The grounds, typical of the soils in this part of the world, had little growing, and in need of turning and feeding before any new planting could take place.

By Easter 2018, just four months after property changed hands, the new front gates were thrown open on a world of floral wonder.

This garden is a testament to both the commitment, energy and abundant knowledge that is the hallmark of Socianna’s expertise

In previous Festivals Socianna Murray has opened her garden at Taradale, however, a tornado ripped through this small settlement just a few months ago and a lot of mature trees, and garden plantings, were destroyed.

As this happened Socianna was in the  middle of her committment to the opening of this new garden centre and nursery and has left aside repairs to her home garden until The Green Folly was open to the public. Elysium will be open again in 2020.

The Green Folly is a must see. Here is seen just what is possible with time, effort, creativity, good soil, rich compost and lots of mulch.